We aim to protect the Lebanese food heritage through sustainable agricultural and rural development, in order to provide our customers with organic gourmet food and to ensure high ethics throughout the chain of production.

"Respecting all the pillars in the chain of production can only lead to succeed in producing high quality food." -Fady DAW


Adonis Valley aims at protecting the environment and preserving the Lebanese Food heritage through sustainable agricultural means of production. Adonis Valley is an inspirational natural and cultural landmark of Lebanon located in Fatri.


Fatri, a traditional Lebanese village, having an altitude of 500 meters, stretches out through a narrow river gorge from the 6,000-year old city of Byblos on the Mediterranean coast all the way to the mystic springs of Afqa, crowning the valley at more than 1,000 meters of altitude. This geographical location not only preserves an exceptional bio-diversified environment, but also the culture and myths of its early Phoenician inhabitants, earning it worldwide recognition and classifying it as a World Heritage Site. Thus, we are proud to bring you the valley’s best-kept secret; the Adonis Valley Organic Products Line.



As part of our commitment to grass-rooted sustainable development and community engagement policy, a substantial part of our production is allocated to Lebanese farmers who grow organic products in various Lebanese remote areas. We offer them support on many levels, such as providing them with seeds, organic certifications, technical support and networking.



* Protect the edible flora of the valley.
* Preserve (Foster) the Lebanese food heritage.
* Promote local development of organic production.
* Adhere to creativity and authenticity in our production process.
* Promote rural tourism.
* Be a model for organic sustainable production in Lebanon.



From Adonis Valley’s farmhouse, the heart of our hometown Fatri, we maintain the tradition of excellence by promoting organic agriculture and by using traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean recipes to produce authentic specialty foods. Hence, our raw material is grown at Adonis Valley farmhouse, where they are tested in our “Jardin Caché” plot, which is located at an altitude of 700 meters, in Adonis Valley. Part of our raw material is purchased from certified farmers to be transformed into high quality certified organic gourmet food.