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Our eatery celebrates the harvests of our farm, shaping the LOCAVORE* concept into a one of its kind experience in the breathtakingly beautiful terroir of Adonis Valley. The eatery takes pride in pairing our locally organically grown ingredients and free-range eggs with a seasonal menu that highlights a variety of freshly prepared dishes. We provide food lovers who care about eating organic and locally grown food with an exceptional gustatory experience that solely puts on your plate vegetables that are grown a few meters away. A selection of local wine and beer are also available for pairing. 

If you would like to dine with us, please contact us 24 hours in advance so that we can arrange a meal for you.

Complete your experience with a visit of our farmhouse, learn more about the origin of your food and stop by in our Boutique to check out our gourmet organic and preserved products at premium prices!

*A LOCAVORE is a person who eats foods grown locally


Engineer F.DAW  |  Adonis Valley, 2020