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Our Concept
-The Concept-
Adonis Valley is an inspirational natural and cultural Lebanese landmark; It stretches through a river gorge from the 6,000 year old city of Byblos to the mystic springs of Afqa at 1,500 meters of altitude.

Adonis Valley’s temperate climate and unpolluted environment has preserved not only its exceptional biodiversity but also the culture and mythology of its early Phoenician inhabitants, earning worldwide recognition and classifying it as a world heritage site. It also inspired us to bring you the valley’s best kept secret Organic recipes.

From our home town of Fatri, situated in the heart of Adonis Valley, at 500 meters of altitude, we are continuing the tradition of excellence by promoting Organic agriculture, using traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean recipes and producing specialty authentic foods.

Our line of products is produced in compliance with ECC regulations for organic farming: 889/2008 and 834/2007, they are free from:

  • any synthetic chemicals.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms.

This process and our products are controlled and certified by the Italian Certification Body: CCPB s.a.l.

At Adonis Valley our raw material is not only produced at our farmhouse. Based on our social commitment and away from any sectarianism a part of our production is allocated to organic farmers and women’s cooperatives in all Lebanon’s remote areas. We offer them support on the level of seeds, organic certification, technical backing, networking, and insuring to buy all their products at a fair price. Finally, the organic raw material reaches our factory to be transformed into high quality certified organic gourmet food.

Our facility is considered as a Green building operating on zero waste and zero energy basis, it’s an essential integrated part of our farmhouse.

At our farmhouse lives some happy animals: Chickens, quails, Pigeons, Faisands, rabbits, sheep. We aslo grow organic vegetables following the seasons. It’s an essential integrated part of our environmental cycle, helping us in re using and recycling of materials.


Protecting Lebanese food heritage through sustainable agricultural and rural development. Providing our customers with organic gourmet food and insuring high ethics throughout the chain of production.


Adonis Valley’s mission is to:
  • Protect and valorize the edible flora of the valley
  • Foster Lebanese food heritage
  • Make use of and promote authentic ingredients from other remote areas of Lebanon
  • Value creativity, authenticity and purity in our production process
  • Promote rural tourism
  • Save energy and minimize waste