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Farmhouse Free Visit

Our farmhouse doors are open 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm, for casual visits.

Visitors can walk around and enjoy the conservations trail of “Tarik Toufik” inside our garden, collect some fruit and vegetables while they’re in season. For a casual informative visit, we put at your services:

  1. A Factory shop with all our goodies displayed. You can buy some of our exclusive products at a premium price.
  2. “The Green building” where we process our products.
  3. Adonis Valley Eatery” for you to enjoy the good old taste.
  4. “Toufik Conservation Trail” including the traditional Farm animals and a fruit orchard (Olives, Vineyard, Almond and Apricot, Mulberry, Fig).
  5. Adonis Valley Historical Stone Grape Mill”, used in the past for making grape molasses. which was used to make grape molasses
  6. Adonis Valley’s old traditional Lebanese house.

We always organize seasonal agricultural events at the farmhouse like: honey harvest, olive harvest, tomatoes harvest, Easter egg hunt and more.

“Guided educational tours” & “ the Eatery” are open upon reservation.

"Toufik Conservation Trail"

Adonis Valley aims to preserve and restore the agricultural food heritage of Mount Lebanon by safeguarding its indigenous fauna and flora and by reviving the old agricultural practices and breeds.

Toufik Conservation Trail, is a trail that goes through Adonis Valley organic garden. We wanted to remember our grand-father Toufik, who worked this land, and turned it into productive agricultural terraces around 1930.

The trail still bears, after all these years, some of the trees that Toufik grew and raised passionately on the slopes of Adonis Valley.

Patience and hard work, wild scents and tasty flavors, can be seen and felt in every inch of this trail. Enjoy:

  • Stone Terraces
  • Stone Grape Mill
  • Local Fruit Trees
  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • Donkey Barn
  • Farm Animals
  • Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Farmhouse Free Visits!

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